Friday, October 26, 2012

Reflections of... The growth of Women's MMA

I am just finding more and more reasons to root for Strikeforce's inevitable folding into the UFC.

The one concern for people has been that UFC President Dana White has been lukewarm at best to the idea of women competing in the company on anything but a special event basis.

That concern appears to be dissipating, as this article shows. Multiple places are now reporting that Dana White will become a UFC megastar and champion, which of course means that the division is coming with it.

I'm not sure what to make of this "dude in a girl's body comment." On one hand, it sounds kind of sexist; on the other, however, it means that Dana is looking for real competitors, so women's UFC would not be a Divas' Division.

This will be a great jump for a brand, who up to this point has only featured women prominently as ring card girls. (By the way, Kang Ye-Bin looks GREAT to be the next Octagon Girl if they keep her after the Macau event.)

While Bellator apparently thinks that no-name middleweights are a bigger draw on the main card than their own women's champion, Zuffa appears to finally be getting behind women's MMA full force.

People are talking about a Rousey-Tate rematch being built through an "Ultimate Fighter" season, and by rule of the show, they'd have to open a second weight class to do that because coaches can't coach in their own weight division.

Possibly two UFC women's divisions and Invicta FC kicking ass? I'm looking forward to 2013 in Women's MMA. All we need now is for Strikeforce to get the heck out of the way!

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