Friday, August 24, 2012

Yet ANOTHER change to the Light Heavyweight picture

"Apparently we now have guys turning down fights."

That was Dana White's commentary regarding today's announcement that Lyoto Machida has now refused a title shot against UFC World Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

Thankfully, plenty of fighters are willing to take their shot at a champion, as Vitor Belfort is moving back up to 205 pounds to be the replacement.

I'm not really sold on Belfort having a great shot here, especially since his fight with Anderson Silva for the middleweight title wound up ending with one swift front snap kick.

That said, he has a wealth of experience, is a devastating striker and possesses a complete MMA game.

This refusing of fights is an irritation and White needs to make sure his contracts have a "You will fight whatever opponent Joe Silva puts in front of you clause." Now, I am willing to make allowances this time because the fights are on eight days' notice in the first case, and Machida just fought this past month.

All that said, it is a shame that this is happening. It may be that UFC will have to stick to one PPV per month and just load up on free TV cards with mid- to low-level guys. In that circumstance, you'll have every title defended twice at least and every PPV and Fox card could have a title shot.

I'll be watching the next card, but mostly for the first Flyweight title bout. Hopefully the UFC can figure a way around this madness.

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