Friday, August 24, 2012

Anderson Silva: "I am a MAN!" [punch]

Those at Caged Insider and the rest of the MMA news sites have had some kind of wild news week.

Just one day after UFC 151 was canceled, it turns out Anderson Silva offered to save the card from cancellation by fighting any light heavyweight besides the champion himself.

This is a shocker since he had said he didn't want to fight again this year, and he supposedly isn't in his best shape since the fight with Chael Sonnen.

I have to respect the cajones of the man who may be the Greatest of All Time. This is the mark of a fighter who has respect for the game that made him and who wants to keep the company's credibility intact.

I've said that I respect the business decision that Jones made, but not from a fighter's perspective. As champion, you commit to fight on a certain day and you need to honor it.

Silva understands that and was willing to make the move up a class to help the card. Jones didn't offer to fight a non-title bout with an entry-level heavyweight with a catchweight. Jones didn't offer to fight a three-round non-title bout with a promise of a title shot if he blew the fight.

Jones is good, but he needs to learn from Silva on this one.

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