Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ultimate Finale 16 preview

Well, after a week of awful picking, I went 3-2 yesterday. I picked six fights, but Bellator's lightweight final was canceled because the casino they held the event in doesn't allow 20-year-olds to fight. (I can't make this crap up.)

If you needed anymore proof that Bellator is bush-league by comparison to UFC, last night was a good indicator.

But anyway, we've got four more fights tonight as well as the A-squad announcers (because everyone else was in Australia yesterday). Let's get to the main event: A heavyweight fight between Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin Matt Mitrione.

This fight really has no hype behind it because it's a replacement, but it should be sort of interesting. Mitrione is a good striker and has been training with the Blackzilians, and Roy Nelson has great striking and a chin of stone.

Honestly, though, Mitrione is a little out of his depth here. Chieck Kongo showed what happens when Mitrione can't dominate someone standing up, and Nelson isn't the guy I'd expect to be dropped. I'll take Nelson via KO in Round 3.

Heavyweight bout: Pat Barry v. Shane del Rosario

I'm skipping the finale fight because I don't know all that much about this season. What I do know is that Pat Barry is an excellent kickboxer facing a truly complete fighter in del Rosario.

Barry is a veteran and may hold his own standing up, but once this goes to the ground, it's all the young gun.

I'll take del Rosario to dominate on the ground with a submission win in round 1.

Rest of the main card

Lightweights: Jamie Varner v. Melvin Guillard - I just realized that this is a really deep card. This should be an early PPV fight. Both men have the chance to get themselves back into bigger fights, but a loss sends them down on the card.

With so much on the line, I'll take the guy who has done well in big fights before. I've got former WEC champ Varner by decision.

Featherweights: Dustin Poirier v. Jonathan Brookins - Both men are great grapplers, so this has the ability to be pretty compelling on the ground. My guess, though, is that both will try to keep the fight standing to avoid the other's best aspect and we'll get a messy (if not somewhat awesome) brawl. I'll take Poirier by decision, as he just seems like a level above Brookins if you take ground out of it.

This is the last card until UFC 155, so look forward to some "Reflections of..." blogs and my End of the World  Year awards.

Everyone enjoy the next couple weeks of chilling!

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