Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reflections of... Davis-Griffin and a possible Jones-Silva superfight

I guess someone at UFC knew what I was thinking.

When Chael Sonnen was announced as the challenger for Jon Jones' next fight, I was concerned about Forrest Griffin beating him. That has been a problem solved, as that fight has been canceled and Phil Davis, coming off a win earlier this month, will take on the challenge of facing Griffin.

I like this match of Davis-Griffin, and I feel like the winner has a claim to a No. 1 Contender's bout in the near future.

However, I know people are still upset about the Sonnen challenge. I will admit: Taking a fighter out of a scheduled bout for a title shot in a division he's about to debut in (over a contender who would be healthy by fight time) is an awkward decision to make. However, this sort of thing happened when Ronda Rousey received her title shot, and she was able to prove she deserved it (even if not that moment).

As such, I will withhold judgment until the fight happens.

In other news, Anderson Silva has stated that he would consider one day fighting Jon Jones at a 195-lb. catchweight. This, of course, would be after a fight with Georges St. Pierre.

I appreciate the match, but there are some fights to be made ahead of time, and Jones still has a LOT of challengers to go before that even becomes a thought.

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