Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jones vs. Sonnen set to go!

Yes, that is true.

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen have been tagged to be the coaches for next season's "Ultimate Fighter." As always, this will end with a match, which in this case will be the last weekend of April.

First off, I have one question/concern: If Forrest Griffin beats Sonnen, does he take the TUF coaching spot/title shot? It seems a little odd to name someone with a fight two months away the next contender without announcing a contingency plan.

But let's assume that Sonnen wins and is medically cleared to fight four months later for Jones' title. I'm really glad about this.

I initially thought that he should earn it through a series of wins, but by stepping up the way that he did for UFC 151, coupled with the UFC legend he's facing next, I would be OK with saying he earned his shot IF he beats former champion Griffin.

I also am thinking back to when Chael said that he had considered retirement after his second loss to Anderson Silva. It concerned me that Sonnen might leave early, but then I remembered that he's as old as Silva.

A 35-year-old can still be great, and men like Silva and Randy Couture prove that an MMA fighter has high-level years going to almost 40 (and sometimes beyond that).

But the fact is, it's still the end of a career for many athletes, and Sonnen has to consider how many more opportunities he could be afforded. He may only have one or two shots left at the World Title, which he admits is what drives him to fight, so he obviously wants it while he knows he's at his peak.

I hope for a good fight between these two, possibly a classic. Provided Sonnen beats Griffin, I have no qualms with this.

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