Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reflections of: Antics after fights

So I'm guessing people would like me to explain what ''Reflections of:'' means. So rather than giving a basic "Thoughts on UFC" kind of title, I wanted to give the columns that aren't previews a real title.

As such, just like the "Why I" segments, this will be the new name of the column.

Anyway, I am writing so quickly so that I may respond to this bit of news from BJ Penn's website.

The article talks about how the Nevada State Athletic Commission was upset with Anderson Silva regarding his antics at UFC 148.

Yes, in a fight with Chael Sonnen, the NSAC had a problem with Silva's antics.

In all honesty, though, the NSAC has valid complaints here. Besides the shoulder bump at the weigh-in, Silva put Vaseline on his shoulders to make grappling more difficult and grabbed Sonnen's shorts multiple times - the last of which allowed him the freedom to escape being pinned against the cage and helped set up the knockout.

No disciplinary action will be taken likely, and that appears to be attributed to Sonnen's mentality on the situation. Somehow, I never thought Sonnen would be Silva's biggest ally against the NSAC.

I will say, however, that I was severely disappointed in Silva's actions. The only reason I felt they were overshadowed was because Forrest Griffin did his "Run, Forrest. Run!" post-fight antics and then took over Joe Rogan's interview time with Tito Ortiz.

Initially, I found that hilarious, but it turns out that Ortiz wasn't in on the joke and only played professional for the crowd - a very honorable action and I hope other fighters were paying attention.

These are a far cry from things like the Scrap Pack brawl or Paul Daley's sucker punch on Josh Koscheck, but they are a mark of rudeness that could turn older demographics off to the sport.

Specifically, Silva's need to be addressed and shot down by Dana White. Being a douche may be bad, but he cannot afford to tolerate cheating in his company.

On a final note, those who saw WWE Raw last night got to see CM Punk miss a spinning elbow followed up by Daniel Bryan with a knee to the chest. I liked the homage to the title fight, and kudos to my friend David for pointing it out to me.

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