Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thoughts on: UFC on Fuel TV and the stupidity of Nick Diaz

It's really a shame that Fuel TV has such a small potential viewing market because those who couldn't watch the first UFC on Fuel event missed a fun one.

Jake Ellenberger provided a moment of excellence by defeating Diego Sanchez in an amazing five-round bout.

This match is why UFC made all their main events five rounds. The problem is, it wasn't five rounds.

I'm not sure why this was the case, but this was certainly a fight that I wouldn't have minded going an additional two rounds. Now, if UFC has settled on the five-round non-title bout on major cards (PPV, FOX) only, I'm fine with that. I actually would prefer it, but state it outright.

And before anyone counters, "Sean, you devilishly handsome MMA genius, what about this fight? Doesn't it prove all cards can have five-rounders?"

Uh... no. No it doesn't, and the reason is that Diego Sanchez cannot headline every free TV card. Major fights with serious implications are not regular occurrences on FX or Fuel, as they weren't on Spike TV and Versus, so the only reason to go five rounds would be for excitement.

Problem is: Not every fighter on the mid-level is exciting. I don't want five-round lay-and-pray fests where all mainstream viewers can see them.

Anyway, I personally went 3-3 on the night and 22-14 overall this year, but I had the main and co-main events called perfectly. (Thanks Mr. Struve!)

Before this blog ends, I would like to conclude with some thoughts on Nick Diaz. This guy is an absolute waste of time and the UFC is wasting their time with him.

In the brief time since coming over from Strikeforce, Diaz has vanished from the public, forcing Dana to replace him in a title bout; he's feigned retirement; tested positive for drugs before getting taken out by Carlos Condit; and now that same test will prevent a rematch.

Honestly, with Ellenberger, Josh Koscheck, Johny Hendricks and Condit all waiting for Georges St. Pierre when he heals up, Diaz's importance seems a lot lower.

Dana White doesn't need his crap, especially with his teammate Jake Shields able to Scrap-Pack it up in the cage.

Speaking of which, keep an eye out for my blog later this week on Dana's rant against the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and how it fits into the other boxing-vs-MMA debates.

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