Thursday, January 19, 2012

UFC 142 and King Mo thoughts

The first event of 2012 for the UFC didn't have a necessarily amazing card in terms of name value, but it certainly made up for it with the fights.

The main event saw Jose Aldo dominate Chad Mendes for all of nearly a round before finally delivering a knee to knock him out with a second left in Round 1.

What this destruction shows is that Jose Aldo is truly the best featherweight on the planet. Aldo has shown he outclasses all of his challengers at the moment, which certainly makes him a contender to move out of his weight class.

To me, Aldo's fights are a thing of beauty, and I'd like him to take on a few more guys at 145 before moving up to lightweight, but a fight between him and Frankie Edgar would be amazing, so I won't be complaining no matter what he does.

For the event, I had been 7-3 before the Erick Silva-Carlo Prater decision was reversed and made into a DQ win for Prater. Still, 6-4 isn't a bad prediction record and it puts my record for 2012 at 9-5 (6-4 UFC).

For the record, I found it incredibly ridiculous that a victory was taken away because of a ground strike that was supposedly illegal. When the call is questionable, a victory should not be taken away.

I was incredibly happy to see Anthony Johnson taken out of the UFC via Vitor Belfort's rear naked choke. After a long period of time where this man could not make weight EVER, he is finally down for the count. Hopefully if he's ever seen in the UFC again, he will be far more professional about making weight.

Moving on...

King Mo caught for steroids

For those who didn't hear or don't follow Strikeforce (which is most casual fans), Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal tested positive for steroids in his test before last week's fight with Lorenz Larkin.

As such, he may very well be suspended for a year and his win against Larkin has been changed to a no contest.

Firstly, congrats to Larkin, friend of the blog, who is now once again an undefeated fighter.

Secondly, this discovery is very disappointing. King Mo swears he is clean, will appeal and even would be a proponent of Olympic-style drug testing. Hopefully, he'll be clean, but I doubt it.

This is the second time a big Strikeforce star has been caught in the last month, and the company's selling points are becoming harder and harder to see. Outside of Gilbert Melendez and the 135-lb. women's class, there are no real selling points if big personalities like King Mo won't be present.

Strikeforce will most likely move one step closer to its end because of the findings in this last month, and although I have been clamoring for that, it's sad that this is the way it will happen.

I am glad Zuffa will now make its two brands test its fighters upon hire, and hopefully this leads to even more stringent testing in the future.

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