Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Facebook postings

NOTE: This blog post will be published on all three branches of my blog network.

In an effort to get more conversations going about topics and increase the urgency to like my Facebook page/follow my Twitter,  I am going to start giving my brief thoughts on topics I don't think can fill a traditional "Reflections of..."/"Why I..." piece on Facebook and Twitter.

The point of this will be so that you as an audience are able to comment on my pieces and talk about certain topics with (at the very least) me as well as other readers. I have three rules:
1. If you curse, I will censor it.
2. If your comment insults another commenter and I can't salvage a real argument out of it, it gets deleted.  
3. If you spam with anything besides articles relevant to your point/the topic at hand, I block your account.

For those who don't want to participate but would still like to see what I say, I'll do a post at the end of the week where I take these posts and put them together in (most likely) a Storify compilation. For those reading the wrestling blog, I want to start reviewing programs like Raw and Impact Wrestling, and I think this is how I'll do it.

If any comments are particularly compelling, I'll add them to the list as well. Each weekly list will be tailored to the branch of the blog it is on. Here is an example of how I will probably do it using General Blog thoughts on comics:

These thoughts aren't really long enough for a blog, but I'd like to get my thoughts out (feel free to discuss in comments): I LOVE that Katana got her own book. I'm thrilled that a female superheroine of Asian descent merited her own solo comic series and I want it to succeed. I also respect Ann Nocenti for being one of the few women writing in the comic industry today. Fact is, though, she's an editor. Her writing is awful and I don't want her on Katana. It makes the book unreadable and I can't in good conscience buy it. I'm sad to say it, but this book's inevitable cancellation was probably set before publishing. It was sealed the second they named the creative team.

Also, given the clues, I think I know a good route the "Amazing Spider-Man" trilogy can take. Electro and Rhino gain powers and Electro masterminds a plan with Rhino as an enforcer. Spidey needs more strength so he gets the black suit. He loses control and forces it off himself. Eddie Brock becomes Venom to end the movie, but Venom will have Carnage's psychotic side in this incarnation. Final movie combines Maximum Carnage (with Venom in the role) with "The Night Gwen Stacy Died/The Night Green Goblin Died."
Obviously, this is without Storify, but you can gauge what I'll be doing. Hope everyone enjoys the new blog dimension!

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