Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reflections of... Nick Diaz being Nick Diaz

You know how some celebrities get a whole bunch of fame and opportunities that A) they don't deserve and B) are outside their depth? Nick Diaz is very much like one of those celebrities.

This is a man who lost a title shot a while back for not showing up to a press conference. He then proceeded to lose a No. 1 contender's match to Carlos Condit in a fight that I personally don't think was close. Oh, right, and then he got suspended a year because he couldn't be bothered not to smoke marijuana before a fight.

In spite of all this idiotic behavior, because he managed to get under UFC World Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre's skin, he will be allowed to step out of Puff the Magic Dragon's Land of Honalee and into a title shot – ahead of at least two better matches.

But incredibly, if you can believe it, all of that is not the stupidest thing in this story. What defies all comprehension is that now, UFC President Dana White has publicly stated that Diaz is not returning his calls or texts.

Forgive me if I sound like a Practical Pig here, but if you've been given an opportunity you really have no business receiving in spite of your history, shouldn't you show some semblance of professionalism.

They raise the concern in the video that this man will fail to show up to yet another press conference, and I actually fear that that will happen. If Diaz gets himself fired for doing the same stupid crap twice then I really can't sympathize with him.

Maybe I'm being a little extra harsh on him because Johny Hendricks and the winner of Jan. 12's Strikeforce Welterweight Championship bout (Nate Marquardt v. Tarec Saffedine) each have FAR more legitimate claims to the shot and I'm looking for any feasible excuse to throw this guy out of the title match. But just because my claims have the weight of emotion on them does not mean they are invalid.

Someone needs to get a handle on this guy, or let's move on.

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