Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reflections of... You go dude! Be the douchebag!

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Ok, so after a weekend in which the only fight I was able to call properly was the one that was for an actual title, I feel like I should talk about something title related.

Enter Johny Hendricks, who you may recall earned a No. 1 contender's spot for the UFC World Welterweight Championship. This status has since been revoked so that Nick Diaz could fight Georges St. Pierre for the title.

I will acknowledge that I was not happy to see the title shot going to Diaz, but I gave the UFC credit for at least going through with a title match instead of a superfight between Anderson Silva and GSP. That fight may look good, but it halts the divisions yet again.

At this point, any option with defending belts being involved is preferable, but it was a raw deal given to Hendricks especially after his desperate in-ring pleas with the UFC to put GSP against him (and not Silva) went ignored.

Well, thankfully, Hendricks has decided that he's not taking this raw deal lying down. In this article, Hendricks said he considered walking out over this decision and calls out GSP for being a hypocrite - being an MMA purist but wanting matches made for personal reasons.

He also raised a good point: It's pointless to be mad at management for appeasing their champion here. What sane company would tell a top champion, "Yeah, I respect that you want to face a top 5 fighter in your division and would be clearly motivated to put on a good show, but screw your feelings! You have to fight whoever we want you to fight."

That tactic has just worked so well for boxing, hasn't it?

But yeah, GSP really should be requesting Hendricks and UFC should be telling GSP that the option to give him the shot is on the table. Hendricks is an exciting fighter who has more than earned his shot, and if he has to be a complete jerk-off to get the champ's attention and actually earn a title shot against him, then I'm all for it.

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