Sunday, March 18, 2012

A venture outside North America

UFC official Marc Ratner said that he feels that international governing bodies need to take a more active role in maintaining the Unified Rules of MMA and other such regulations.

As of now, when the UFC makes trips to Australia, Japan, etc. they have to be the ones to make sure things go according to the rules.

Obviously, relaxed regulations are nothing new. PRIDE became what it was because Japan allowed for far more brutality. As such, there is now a subset of fans who feel like MMA has actually diminished in the last five years.

However, these are not the freaks that a now global company should be appealing to and I understand the UFC's desire for uniform regulation. It not only adds legitimacy to the sport on another level, but it also helps the UFC by the fact that they won't have to spend extra money to fund certain areas of the process.

That said, I do appreciate that  the UFC polices itself and hope that this will be an argument in favor of New York and Connecticut legalizing the sport.

On another international note, this link here shows a couple of things to me. First, the women's 125 lb. division needs to be built by Bellator this year, or it may wind up in Zuffa before they know it. Second, that girl is just an ass.

There was a boxing match a few years back that this happened and the guys on "Pardon the Interruption" killed him for it. This is not only a bad image for women's MMA but non-Zuffa MMA in general.

OK, rant over.

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