Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boxing thoughts: Bert Sugar legacy

This is my first solid boxing blog, but so much has happened that I've actually been able to watch that I felt it was necessary.

Bert Sugar, 1937-2012
Originally, I was only going to give thoughts on the Morales-Garcia fight, but then I went on ESPN and saw longtime boxing historian Bert Sugar had died at age 75 of cardiac arrest.

And just like that, this blog had something of serious note to replace what was going to be an anger and comedy-filled rant. (That will be in the next blog if you want it.)

I have seen Bert Sugar on ESPN for years. He is one of the main interviewees whenever the network wanted to talk boxing. His book on the all-time greatest boxers is still cited by many. And his commentary on the "Ringside" TV series was amazing.

Sugar represented an era long passed. He grew up in the Joe Louis era and was a long-established writer before Muhammad Ali first stepped foot in a professional ring.

His passion for the sport was truly endearing, and it made me want to work in the print media for fights. If I one day could be seen as MMA's Bert Sugar, that would be a welcome compliment.

I wish his family all the best and pray for their strength. Sports has truly lost one of the all-time greats in the journalism department, and an excellent man.

Additionally, I'd like to posthumously thank Bert Sugar for being one of my inspirations. Boxing has lost another one of the people who made it great, and I hope people pay attention to this.

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