Thursday, February 2, 2012

UFC on Fox 2 thoughts

I left the UFC on Fox 2 card with one major thought: Chael Sonnen is f---ing awesome.

Sonnen beat Michael Bisping via decision to gain a UFC Middleweight Championship match against Anderson Silva.

The fight itself was a razor-thin decision, and many believe that Bisping should have won the fight. I am not one of those people. Round 1 was the toss-up, but although I can see how people could see it going to The Count, I don't believe it holds much water.

Personally, I am excited to hear the build for their inevitable clash. If Sonnen's victory speeches in the last few fights are any indicator, we are all in for an absolute treat on the microphone.

I'm not sure what the fight will look like (I'd probably lean Silva while still respecting Sonnen's abilities and probably rooting for his victory), but the talking alone makes that card a worthwhile buy.

In the actual main event (yes, this was BEFORE the main event), Rashad Evans dismantled Phil Davis, ending his undefeated streak. Evans earned a title shot at UFC 145 against Jon Jones.

I feel as if this has been a gigantic waste of time. The trash-talking has been more just about Evans whining to no end, and I at this point just want Jones to knock him out to get him out of the title picture for a while.

He certainly has that ability, as I feel his reach and overall size advantage will put Evans to shame. In any case, it should be at least worth the buy from an in-ring perspective. You'll either see an Epic Meal Time for Jones, or you'll see a huge title change.

I can't say much else on the fights. I went 3-3 on this card, so hopefully I get back to kicking some behind at these picks with the fights this weekend.

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