Wednesday, October 20, 2010

INTRO BLOG: Welcome to the Show

After months of talking about it, I have FINALLY gotten around to doing this blog. As a fan of a good story, I feel like I should start this blog with some background on me, so here I go...

Throughout middle school, I was a huge boxing fan and saw multiple De La Hoya fights, a few Lennox Lewis fights and even Larry Holmes-Butterbean. However, as I continued through to high school, the dull fighting styles and corruption of matchmaking began to wear on me, and one day I came across one of WEC's first events after Zuffa purchased them. Urijah Faber was the main event.

I was hooked immediately. Since then, I've become somewhat of a historian of MMA as I once was for boxing.

As for my wrestling fandom, I started out as a WCW fan in the mid 90s and enjoyed seeing guys like Rey Misterio Jr., Dean Malenko, Randy Savage and Sting. As the company began to dwindle, so did my interest. I did not watch another wrestling show until I came across WWE SmackDown in 2005.

I immediately SmackDown's wrestling focus and have always preferred it to Raw. Over time, I have become a fan of TNA and even follow Ring of Honor through Internet reports.

This is a dual blog of both fighting and wrestling. When I have an opinion on MMA or boxing, I will label it FIGHT BLOG, and when it's wrestling, it will be labeled WRESTLING BLOG.

So that's me. Enjoy the blog!

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