Friday, October 29, 2010

FIGHT BLOG: UFC 121 review

Well, I can honestly say that UFC 121 went great for my picks! While my unaired prelims portion went winless, I was 7-0 on all the fights slated to air live (2-0 on Spike, 5-0 on PPV).

That includes the pick of Cain Velazquez over Brock Lesnar. As I had said, Cain is far too complete a fighter to lose to Lesnar, and he now sits at the top of the HW rankings, where he belongs.

That doesn't mean, however, that Brock is somehow not deserving of the UFC roster spot. Some sites have even asked if he will retire.

Let's get one thing straight here: Brock Lesnar is 5-2, and his two losses are to a current and a former World Champion. The man is becoming more and more complete every fight. Just because he dropped a fight doesn't mean he's worse for wear. Brock will return; don't worry about that.

It also doesn't mean Velazquez will be undefeated forever either. Junior dos Santos, his next opponent, will be a huge threat if he can get his cardio up. And then he would have to face guys like Frank Mir, Roy Nelson and the eventual Lesnar rematch.

The MMA fanbase has been pretty reactionary lately and I really think perspective is needed.

As for the other fights on the card, I actually did think that Shields won his fight. That said, I would have given him one more fight before a title shot, but then again, since I have no desire to see Fitch in another fight, maybe this can work.

Diego Sanchez has definitely proven his worth at 170, and as far as I see, it's probably better he stay there than move to a newly-revamped 155-pound class.

Lastly, Tito Ortiz and Gabriel Gonzaga need to retire already. All they do is hurt business now. Between Ortiz's many issues and Gonzaga's screwing up a dream main event a few years back, they're now doing more harm than good.

Stay tuned as I give my opinion on the UFC-WEC merger this weekend!

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